CINASOGLU GROUP Engineering and Trade Joint Stock Company; was established for the purpose of providing turnkey services to port operations, cement, energy and mining sectors, mainly industrial facilities.

Although CINASOGLU GROUP is a young company, it is powered by more than 15 years of experience in the sector. The steel and mechanical manufacturing workshop with a closed area of ​​1,000 m² in Ankara/Kahramankazan Industrial Zone, together with the steel and mechanical manufacturing workshop with a closed area of ​​750 m² in Konya/Karatay Industrial Zone, are located in the Istanbul/Finans City Zone.

Our company, which includes 3D calculation and design programs, provides project, engineering and consultancy services in customer-oriented machinery, equipment, structural steel issues with a full-time engineering group that is expert in their fields.

We carry out the design, manufacturing and commissioning processes together with the point determinations that will meet the machine and equipment needs of the industrial facilities in each business line, the requirements of the main product and process.

With customer and project-based turnkey solutions, we complete the structural steel construction and coating works, together with our competent personnel and solution partners who have adopted occupational health and safety policies, with a high level of quality performance.

We undertake maintenance and revision works with the solutions of our expert staff and engineering group, who have a good knowledge of the process and product in industrial facilities that carry out particle transport and warehousing.

Cinasoglu Catalog 2022
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